J. Patrick Marketing is dedicated to professional and knowledgeable sales representation at every level of service.

J. Patrick Marketing commits to its principals, professional and knowledgeable sales and marketing representation at both the wholesale and retail level. We pledge to successfully implement the sales and marketing plans and objectives of our clients. We respect and believe in the fiduciary relationships that we have with our clients and resolve that our continued success will be measured by how well we adhere to those agreements and maintain the relationships we have forged.

About Us

Our associates are persons of extreme honesty and integrity who have developed strong rapport with those whom they deal with on a daily basis, achieving extraordinary success at retail product placement. Our company represents quality minded companies, many of whom are leaders in their categories. We take ownership of the products of which we are associated and are committed to a consistent level of sales growth by constantly reinventing avenues for this growth. We are goal oriented, intense and focused, with a proven success at pursuing business for all clients to their fullest sales capabilities and ensuring that all of our partners are solicited, from the smallest of retailers to the largest.

Our History

Our Mission

We were founded in 1993 as a sales and marketing company dedicated to serving the retail sales segment of perishable food industry. We began with one employee and one client. From this humble beginning, we have grown to become a leader of the marketplace, representing a variety of vendors in a select group of segments, priding ourselves on the values of integrity, due diligence, and hard work in every function performed.​